November 11 - 13, 2009

The second annual conference of the International Benchmarking Consortium took place in Barcelona November 11 - 13, 2009 and focused on "Creativity and Talent in an Urban Environment."
Both analysts and policy-makers agree nowadays that creativity is one of the main drivers of the economic development of urban areas. Creativity is essential for cultural industries, companies, development. One of the key elements in order to achieve a creative atmosphere is the generation, attraction and retention of talent. At the same time, both creativity and talent concentrate with special intensity in metropolitan areas and the urban model strongly influences the interaction between economic activities, citizens and the ,have a very significant role to play in the development of creativity and talent, as well as in the public sector response to the current crisis.

Read the Talent Attraction Report that was prepared for the conference.
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Here are other presentations given at the conference.

Opening Keynote Address: Ms. Beth Gali, Architect, BB+GG Architects

Panel on Creative Industries and Regional Competitiveness

Approaching Urban Competitiveness in Europe: Which factors play a key role?

Ms. Montserrat Pareja, Director of the local research group of the ACRE European Project, University of Barcelona

Panel on Local Policies for Creative City-Regions

Keynote Presentations

Keynote Speaker: Interdisciplinary Innovation and the Talent Connection: Mr. Nick Leon, Director of Design London

Keynote IRBC Presentation: A Tale of Ten Cities - Attracting and Retaining Talent, Mr. Michael Luis, President of Luis and Associates and Dr. Stuart Elway, President of Elway Research

Panel on "How do our cities respond to the crisis?"

Panel on the "Role of Local Actors in Talent Attraction and Integration Strategies

Panel on Building a Sustainable City-region
Panel on the Challenges of Higher Education in Global City Regions

2010 Conference!

Presentation of Fukuoka as organizer of the 3rd IRBC Conference in 2010

Partner Organizations

Puget Sound Regional Council Trade Alliance Prosperity Partnership


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