How Your Love For Animation Can Lead to Business Success (Accensis)

August 3, 2022 - Accensis Chartered Accountants (SA) and Registered Auditors

This is a thought leadership article on embracing animation as a driver of business success by Muhammad Umar Karim, director of PrimeGlobal member firm Accensis in South Africa.

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My job, like any other accountant, is similar but never the same. Contrary to popular belief, we accountants aren't boring. Some of us have a childlike love and passion for animation; it is what keeps me and my mind creative and designing, definitely influencing my incredible sense of humor.

‍The word 'animation' often invokes memories of childhood cartoons. People of all ages have enjoyed watching drawings come to life and tell a story far beyond our wildest human imaginations.

Animation brings to mind more light-hearted times, nostalgic for a time when Saturday morning cartoons and sugary cereals were a past-time. It transfers us to worlds where anything seems possible.

When we speak of animation, studios like Disney or Dreamworks are the most prevalent powerhouses of cartoon thoughts that come to mind. This art form helps make the intangible tangible (not following IAS 38).

Animation is important because it gives us a platform to tell stories and communicate emotions and ideas in a unique way. It speaks to both what small children and adults can understand. Animation has helped connect people worldwide in a way that is sometimes writing and live-action films cannot.

Muhammad Umar Karim Accensis
Today, anyone can pick up a drawing tablet and show their ideas to the world. Drawn figures can be funny, invoke sadness, or even have a playful, less intimidating feel to them to make the viewer feel more comfortable. Muhammad Umar Karim, Director of Accensis
‍So how does animation play into business?

Throughout my life, I have been engrossed in my love and enthusiasm for animation; its humor brings into my life my hobby of being funny and sometimes, doing a stand-up comedy routine.

This being said, considering that I am in the profession of accountants, my hobby and enthusiasm have blended my imagination to be more creative and not just be that standardized accountant we all would have in mind.

Like video, animation in advertising has been rising in recent years. People stop scrolling when they see an exciting animation and are more likely to remember the information they learn from what they've viewed. Adding animation to a website or video has proven highly effective and beneficial for many companies.

It isn't difficult for businesses to integrate animation into their marketing plan. Often, when we think of animation, the first thing that comes to mind is animated video. However, there are more options to consider when it comes to animation. Animation involves anything from hand-drawn designs to 3D animation to character design and everything in between. Regardless of your type, animation will help grab audiences and keep them engaged.

Like everything great, an awesome animation begins with a small idea. With a little push, that idea grows and becomes more prominent and better than it was at its inception. Animation is more than just cartoons nowadays; animation makes your business come to life.

‍No matter the exact use, animation is one of the most influential creative tools we have, and we should continue to use it as a form of uniting people, regardless of their beliefs, biases, or interests.

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