Growth Continues Across Key Latin American Countries for PrimeGlobal

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October 13, 2022

The Latin American region continues to show revenue growth in its key markets including 10% growth in Brazil and 34% in Chile during 2021-2022 according to the latest International Accounting Bulletin Country Reports.

PrimeGlobal's Latin American region has seen the addition of four new members in 2022, increasing coverage across Ecuador and Panama, and also adding Bolivia as a new market.

To find out more about PrimeGlobal's Latin American firms take a look at our member directory or contact our Membership Team.


The most recent International Accounting Bulletin Country Reports include industry data and rankings across a number of Latin American countries:


  • Ranked 6th in fee income (BRL 11.4M) and 10% growth


  • Ranked 4th in fee income (CLP 1,641.5M) and 34% growth
  • Ranked 5th in total staff (55) and 22% growth rate


    • Ranked 2nd in fee income (PAB 2.2M)
    • Ranked 2nd in total staff (44) and 22% growth


      • Ranked 3rd in fee income (COP 12,827M) and 12% growth
      • Ranked 3rd in total staff (147) and 7% growth


      • Ranked 5th in fee income (MXN 279.1M)


      • Ranked 5th in fee income (PEN 4.3M)
      • Ranked 3rd in total staff (55)


        • Ranked 5th in fee income (ARS 134.9M) and 27% growth
        Steve 04 22
        "I am delighted to see this growth in our key markets in Latin America. We have been focusing on recruiting new members and expanding into new markets so to see this growth reported in the IAB rankings is rewarding. We continue to look for ambitious, high-quality firms to join our community of engaged member firms, and would love to speak to firms who are innovating with technology and are ready to help businesses become more sustainable." Stephen Heathcote, CEO, PrimeGlobal.