PrimeGlobal is the most diverse association globally with our DNA firmly rooted to accounting, tax and audit firms. We are confident that we are the home for firms who are ready to anticipate and provide the advice their clients need.

Our 2022 survey asked member firms to endorse changes to the way we present the association to better highlight the value our firms provide as their services increasingly become more advisory in nature. The proposed changes were overwhelmingly supported across all regions. As part of these changes, from July 1 2022 the PrimeGlobal logo which members use has been updated.

Member firms must ensure they update the PrimeGlobal logo across all their communications and materials by January 1 2024.

Logo options from July 1 2022

Member firms have two options to choose from depending on which presentation best fits their positioning and branding.

By using logo option 1, firms will be able to proudly state they are members of – The Association of Advisory and Accounting Firms. The change helps promote our member firms as going way beyond traditional accounting, audit, and tax services through the advice they provide their clients.

As an alternative, member firms may choose logo option 2 to say they are an Independent Member of PrimeGlobal.

Logo Download

There are many ways for member firms to implement the new PrimeGlobal logo. To start, simply click on the logo download button. Along with the new logos, you will also find a checklist of where the logo can be used, PrimeGlobal overview text which can be used in your marketing materials, and a 'We are proud members of PrimeGlobal' social media image which you can share on your social media channels.

To ensure firm autonomy and the status of PrimeGlobal as a global association, each member firm must follow the below set of logo guidelines.


  • The logo must be reproduced with consistently high quality.
  • No attempt should be made to replicate the PrimeGlobal logo with art or commercial typography.
  • The logotype may not be manipulated to change its orientation.
  • When re-sizing the logo, it must be re-sized proportionately. In most Microsoft and other design programs, you can hold the SHIFT key down as you re-size to avoid distortion.
  • No other words, titles, or terms should be placed near the logo that would lead the reader to think it is part of the logo. See the “clear space restrictions” section below for details.
  • The logo shall always be positioned on a WHITE background when possible. If a white background is not possible, then follow the guidelines in the “background” section below.

Black/Dark Background

When using a black or dark background, the standard logo shall contain the name “PrimeGlobal” (and tagline) in white letters. The grayscale logo can also be edited to use the name “PrimeGlobal” (and the tagline) in white letters, but it shall retain the grayscale globe.

The grayscale globe (whether used with black or white text) shall only appear on a dark color or gray background that is darker than 85% black. This is to ensure that the ribbons forming the globe graphic remain distinctly discernible from the background color.

Light Background (not white)

When using a light background, the standard logo shall contain the name “PrimeGlobal” in black letters, and the tagline and vertical divider shall be gray. The black logo shall only appear on a light color or gray that is lighter than 5% black. This is to ensure that the ribbons forming the globe graphic remain distinctly discernible from the background color.

Use of the full color logo on any background color other than white, black, or gray (as previously described) must be approved by PrimeGlobal prior to use.

The logo, whether full color or grayscale, shall never appear on a background that is excessively busy or patterned.

Approved and Unapproved Logo Color & Background Variations

Clear Space

To ensure maximum legibility, the area immediately surrounding the logo shall be kept clear of graphics, type, illustrations, and photography with excessively busy or patterned backgrounds.

Incorporation of all or part of the PrimeGlobal logo in an Independent Member Firm logo is prohibited.

Website Applications and Electronic Links

The PrimeGlobal logo may be incorporated into an Independent Member Firm website. The logo shall always be created as a link to the PrimeGlobal home page located at

For all questions regarding the use of the PrimeGlobal logo please contact the communication team on