Looking Back: Insights Congress - Latin America

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May 31, 2022

On May 14-17, PrimeGlobal met with our members from our the Latin America region for the Insights Congress – LA, in Rio de Janeiro, and we are delighted to say that it was a big success!

It was fantastic to meet our members in-person and our first meeting took place in the Samb Capital, kicking off the conference with a welcome cocktail for members and providing the perfect setting for member firms to reconnect with one another again after so long.

On Sunday morning we visited the Sugarloaf Mountain where our members enjoyed a fresh Carioca Caipirinha, a classic Brazilian breakfast drink, followed by a traditional Feijoada lunch at the warehouse of the 2022 Rio Carnival winners ‘Grande Rio ‘. Our members also enjoyed the experience of samba dancers and batucada, a percussive, substyle of samba. This was an amazing opportunity for everyone to enjoy some authentic and definitive Brazilian traditions.

On Monday we presented a global outlook of the Association from PrimeGlobal CEO Steve Heathcote, followed by a regional review by the Executive Director for Latin America, Estefy Pantoja.

In addition, Founder and Executive Director of ISA (International Strategic Analysis) Michael Weidokal, provided a panoramic global outlook and discussed the repercussions of the pandemic.

We were also delighted to have in attendance Mark-Jan van der Weerden from our EMEA region who gave us insight into Human Resources HR and best practices at his firm.

Alongside firm Metritha, we presented our new shift to advisory project to members which we were delighted to see had significant participation and included a sponsored cocktail at the closing dinner.

Andres Moreno (Astaf), Marcelo Santini (Santini’s), and Miguel Sepulveda (Traust), in conjunction with Cesar Gutierrez, (Astaf) leading helped present this project to our members.

The final highlight, and one that demonstrates the family nature of PrimeGlobal and its Member Firms, was for us to all vote on a name for our regional PrimeGlobal Bear; we unanimously decided on Margarita, a name with Spanish origins which identifies perfectly with the Latin America region!

Estefy 2022
The wide variety of attendees was a great opportunity for our members to meet in-person and reconnect with one another. We also collaborated on new projects and discussed improvements for our regional member firms. We look forward to the continued growth of our member firms through new business opportunities. Estefy Pantoja Lahoz, Executive Director Latin America