Spotlight on Member Resources

Business Opportunities
September 27, 2022

This is a Member article providing a summary of the Member Resources that are available at PrimeGlobal. To find out more about the benefits and resources available to you through your PrimeGlobal membership visit our welcome hub.

It has been a busy summer at PrimeGlobal. The global team has been working hard to secure new alliance partners, adding new training to the business learning library, working with members of regional SIGs, and planning events for the year ahead. We have also received some great thought leadership and member news through our communications team, and have been making sure that firm pages are up to date in readiness for our new operating system due later this year.

All of this is with one goal in mind - to ensure that you, our members, continue to get the most out of your membership and the resources available, and that your valuable contributions to the PrimeGlobal community are shared across our global membership. So, to give you more information about what has been going on behind the scenes in your association, here are our top resource highlights.

Alliance Partners

PrimeGlobal Partners offer discount deals on tools and products which can help provide support to your firm. PrimeGlobal regularly adds new Partners to the offering and publishes new discount codes. All Alliance Partners are listed on Our Partnerships pages. You can also find information about our Global Partners on the same page.

Below you can find information about our newest Partners. You can also click on the 'Learn More' button to find out about the exclusive offers available.

For information about the product, or to take advantage of a partner offer, contact the Partner directly using the contact information provided. If you have any questions regarding our Partners, please contact Courtney Piette at

Financial Technology Platform

Available in all regions

Intelligence-Based Billing Platform

North America Only

Workforce Management and Planning Solution

Available in all regions

AI-powered SaaS Platform

Available in all regions

English training for business


Cloud Accounting Platform

Available in all regions

Winding River Consulting
Managing Partner Bootcamp

Available in all regions

Online Accounting Software

Available in all regions

Business Learning Library

Through the Business Learning Library, PrimeGlobal is able to offer virtual learning opportunities for our members, including resources that support CPE learning. The Business Learning Library is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and offers more than 70 topic areas for you to choose from, including leadership, critical thinking and data analytics.

The courses are available to purchase individually or as selective bundles, such as the MBA Express or the PrimeGlobal Competency Model, and can be obtained at a special, discounted rate, exclusive to PrimeGlobal members.

Ownership includes a full year of access and CPE awarded upon completion. For more information about the Business Learning Library, please contact Brianna Ridgely at

Brianna Ridgely
"The Business Learning Library is a great resource for low price training for all members in your firm! This training is conducted by professionals in the accounting field to help your team to better understand a variety of topics. All of the online courses are sourced directly from the AICPA." Brianna Ridgley, Training & Development Lead & Peer Connection Manager

Special Interest Groups

Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs), provide an excellent opportunity to build global relationships with peers who share similar interests and areas of expertise. Members are invited to join SIGs in any of the four regions, we offer a range of global and region-specific SIGs. From Mergers & Acquisitions, Marketing, DEI to International Tax, there is something for everyone to get involved, discuss best practices and further develop efficient processes. The regular webinars that take place for the different SIGs which can also contribute to CPE credits.

For further information about the SIGs contact Heidi Brundage at

Become a knowledge leader: submit an article

As part of PrimeGlobal’s culture of sharing and promoting our member firms, we encourage members to submit member news and thought leadership to us around our key themes of technology, business opportunities, and talent development. Having articles published on the PrimeGlobal website helps your firm stand out, reach a wider audience, and establish your team as knowledge leaders in the industry, increasing your business opportunities and connections with other member firms. Contributions from our members can also help guide decision making, tackle challenges, and develop the profession.

Our themes have been specifically chosen to reflect the needs of our members and are taken directly from the PrimeGlobal member survey, in which members highlighted the most important topics within the accounting profession:

  • Business Opportunities - Global business opportunities, new and changing service lines, and doing business in different countries and markets.
  • Technology – Automation activity and moving to AI, cyber security, attracting new clients with data analytics, and how we use data to improve business performance.
  • Talent Development – Leadership, workforce diversity and women in leadership

Interested in submitting an article? Find out more here.