As an Association, one of the areas PrimeGlobal has always been keen to develop for our members is a strong culture of togetherness and shared values, and this could not, or would not, be possible if the feelings of being globally connected did not emulate from our very own team.

With our employees being based in all four regions of the Association, creating solid alliances can be challenging. There are a whole host of cultural differences to consider, not to mention the time zones and languages that are part of the very fabric of PrimeGlobal. However, due to the enduring cultural drive among employees, these differences become our strengths, and the cultural knowledge we have becomes reinforced through our experiences leading to high levels of understanding, in other words our Cultural Intelligence.

As a team, we have a vision, a mission, a purpose, and of course, our very own set of shared values.

These values replicate those chosen by our members where collaboration, innovation, shared experiences, learning, and celebration underpin common goals and a global mindset.

Moreover, these values play a fundemental role in a positive and successful workplace culture, which is not simply about being seen in all the right places, but is about understanding, empathy, action, reflection, and to provide support for our fellow team members, wherever they are based around the globe.

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"In a remote working environment establishing a positive culture is more critical than ever. Culture doesn’t just bring the best out of people, it brings the best out of teams and determines how an organisation is perceived. Culture needs to be authentic, shaped by the team, and actually lived in day to day interactions. It is vital that everyone embraces and reinforce the behaviours which determine who you want to be. A company’s goals are achieved by people, and people are motivated by a positive culture" Steve Heathcote, CEO, PrimeGlobal


In honor of our late colleague Estefy Pantoja, we have named our PrimeGlobal values after her. Estefy was instrumental in leading the way in helping to shape and create the PrimeGlobal working culture and creating our cultural values. This is our way of never forgetting the hard work that she put in.

We decided as a global team that our values would remain closely in line with those of our Member Firms, and we worked hard on choosing a set of values that reflected the culture of the Association.

There is, however, one notable difference. As a team, we wanted our values to reflect our dedication not just to our members but also to one another, and so we decided accountable is a value of great significance. We are committed to supporting one another deliver a service of the highest quality to our Member Firms. Moreover, we respect one another's ability to deliver in the areas of our expertise, and we trust that the work we do will be of a standard our peers, and our member firms expect.

To achieve these high standards we value the collaboration between our global team in making results happen, and just like our members, we celebrate our achievements, whether they are of a highly visible, member-driven focus, or behind the scenes, like the cogs and wheels of a well-oiled machine.

We are proud of our values and invite you to take a closer look below.



We realize that due to the nature of our roles within the Association, some staff members of PrimeGlobal are more visible than others, so over the coming months we will introduce you to all of our teams, and the people behind our culture and these values.