PrimeGlobal Named Association of the Year at IAB Awards

Business Opportunities
October 1, 2020

PrimeGlobal is proud to announce that the association has been named both the Association of the Year and Sustainable Organization of the Year at the International Accounting Bulletin Digital Accountancy Awards

2019/20 has been an exceptional year for PrimeGlobal with the organization achieving record size, coverage and growth. Over the past twelve months, PrimeGlobal’s culture, diversity and reach have strengthened significantly, and the introduction of a new governance model has led to increased efficiency throughout the association. PrimeGlobal provided members with fresh innovative tools, an extensive program of virtual events and comprehensive member support during the pandemic, helping member firms respond early to the challenges facing the accounting profession. 

Winning the Association of the Year award is recognition of PrimeGlobal and member firms’ collective effort to support businesses when they needed it most.

Steve Heathcote Prime Global Ceo
"Over the last six months PrimeGlobal member firms have collaborated more than ever; virtually connecting, sharing advice, practices and even resources. The team have worked so hard to facilitate this, particularly with the remarkable achievement of running ninety events in ninety days. Over many years, our firms have been trusted advisors to their clients and taken steps to have a positive impact on wider society. I am so pleased that our member firms, and team, have received the recognition they deserve in winning these two highly sought after global awards. I am so proud." Steve Heathcote, PrimeGlobal’s Chief Executive

Throughout 2019/20 PrimeGlobal has reviewed emerging market trends and consulted with member firms to build innovative tools and provide platforms for continued collaboration between our international members. This year, PrimeGlobal launched an initiative to globally coordinate its technologybusiness opportunities and talent development efforts and opportunities for members. As the accounting profession continues to change and new technologies, service lines and business opportunities are challenging the way we do business, PrimeGlobal Insights serves as a global resource and innovation hub for driving change and identifying opportunities for member firms.

With the introduction of COVID-19 and the economic consequences that have arisen, it has been equally important to provide members with tools and resources to combat the challenges in the immediate future. PrimeGlobal's COVID Recovery Center and Firm Support Hub provide members with tools, resources, events, thought leadership and important global updates to help aid recovery. Alongside this, PrimeGlobal also provided ninety virtual events in ninety days to help members learn about global changes to the profession and give them an opportunity to prepare, plan and react to the pandemic.  

"Over the past twelve months we have consulted with members to build innovative digital tools based on the real challenges our members are facing. Through these strategic tools and resources we have been able to help members connect, share and adapt to the ever changing global environment. We are proud to be able to support our member firms, aid them in building meaningful connections and provide a platform for members to access the most crucial information and furnish award winning services to their clients." Gorana Stojanovic, Executive Director, Communications & Strategy, PrimeGlobal

PrimeGlobal was also proud to partner with Thomson Reuters, launching a multi-year global partnership hosting a series of events and thought leadership on diversity and women's leadership. This partnership increased awareness and inclusivity, while influencing the profession with education on unconscious bias and gender discrepancies. PrimeGlobal also partnered with ACCA to work together on several projects including professional research and insights, learning and development. 

PrimeGlobal is passionate about promoting sustainability (environment, diversity and supporting communities) through our staff, member firms and wider stakeholders. PrimeGlobal has continued the proud tradition of creating sustainable events through the PrimeGlobal Planet initiative by reducing the carbon footprint of PrimeGlobal events. Through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, PrimeGlobal continues to support local communities, giving back to the most vulnerable people in society.

Stacey 1
"The PrimeGlobal Planet initiative provides tangible and very real support to the local communities that we work within. Our carbon-neutral events provide the perfect platform for PrimeGlobal and our member firms to give back. The vast sustainability work that our member firms engage in is testament to the proud sharing culture present within PrimeGlobal." Stacey Sanchez, PrimeGlobal's Executive Director Events

Being named both the Association of the Year and Sustainable Organization of the Year is a wonderful recognition of the resilience and strength of PrimeGlobal's member firms. We are proud that the support that PrimeGlobal has provided over the past twelve months has helped our member firms to build a platform for growth. PrimeGlobal is proud to make a positive impact through our environmentally conscious events and we look forward to continuing working alongside our member firms to build an even brighter future.